Sales Executive Apprenticeship Programme Launched

After almost 18-months of hard work by the employer Trailblazer group, at 2:40pm on Friday Nov 2nd 2018 the Institute of Apprenticeships announced the Level-4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship is now approved for delivery.

So now just a few hours later, it’s our turn. We are very proud to announce that FieldStar (the sales specialists) have partnered with The JGA Group (the apprenticeship specialists) to launch the UK’s first ever Sales Executive Apprenticeship programme.

(Download the brochure)

This rapid turnaround has only been possible due to our unique relationship with the Trailblazer group. FieldStar Founder Steve Radford has worked closely with the trailblazers throughout their entire journey, providing advice and support as they developed the apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan.

This unique level of access, combined with FieldStar’s experience of developing sales training programmes for some of the world’s biggest brands and UK’s leading universities, and JGA’s experience of delivering award winning apprenticeship programmes, means we’re confident that our programme is industry leading in more ways than just being first to market.

But we don’t want you to take our word for it, we’re ready for you to experience the programme yourself!

For a quick overview download the brochure, or to see the learning journey in action and discuss how we can tailor the programme to suit your business and the individual needs of your learners, get in touch!


Get in Touch

Contact Steve at FieldStar (, 01302 742 744), or John at JGA (, 020 8426 2666).


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FieldStar Founder Steve Radford is a work-based learning professional specialising in sales. Steve worked closely with the Trailblazer group of employers, providing consultancy advice and support as they developed the Standard and the Assessment Plan for this level-4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship.

Steve is a fellow of the APS (the Association of Professional Sales), who plan to become the approved End-Point Assessment Organisation for the level-4 apprenticeship, and is closely involved in their assessment planning conversations.

Steve is also an active member of the AELP (The Association of Employers and Learning Providers), who are recognised experts in all aspects of apprenticeships, employability support and vocational learning.

Steve has also been described as ‘the most helpful person in field sales’, so for more information please feel free to get in touch with Steve, as he’s usually very happy to help if he can!


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