FieldStar leaders are all highly experienced field sales professionals. We’ve grown up in the world’s most effective field sales organisations, and spent decades delivering, observing, coaching and correcting thousands of customer interactions. We know better than most what it takes to get it right.

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Full Service:

FieldStar is the UK’s leading field sales effectiveness consultancy. We specialise in helping organisations with teams making on-the-spot sales to clients or their customers to develop effective strategies, optimise their operations, attract and grow the best people and embed the right behaviours.

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Accreditations & learning methods:

FieldStar is proud to have developed the UK’s only university accredited field sales training programme.

Successful students graduate with an internationally recognised level 4 University Certificate; a great way to demonstrate to your team that you take their development seriously.

We have developed a highly-interactive learning methodology centred on work-based learning, which recognises that effective learning is an ongoing process rather than a series of isolated events. We focus on learning that students can put to practical use in the work place, so that the right behaviours are embedded fast.

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