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We offer the UK’s only university accredited field sales training programme, which embeds the right skills fast dramatically improving sales, delivering a positive return on training investment.

Uniquely developed in partnership with the University of Derby, Field Star offers the UK’s only university-accredited learning and development programme created specifically for teams who make on-the-spot sales to clients or their customers face-to-face, across a wide range of sectors, including FMCG, consumer electronics, media, health and finance.

Our mission is to help our students to exceed their personal sales goals, build exciting careers, and improve your return on investment.

FieldStar offers in-house, open and bespoke programmes.

To learn more download our programme guide (L4 Field Sales Programme | L4 In-store Merchandising) or contact us for more information.

Students gain the best skills and knowledge to make them highly effective, and on successful completion, an internationally recognised level 4 university qualification.

Work-based assignments ensure that what students learn on our programmes is put into effect quickly, and good habits are formed. Our courses have been developed specifically with field sales professionals in mind, meaning that students can easily relate to and apply the concepts they learn to their day-to-day work.

Our training is delivered through online and flexible work-based learning – a cost effective way to study that is particularly well suited to supporting the development needs of field-based teams without interfering with work commitments.

We offer 3 different training types: Online courses; blended learning programmes; bespoke solutions:

  1. Online Training Courses: Interactive short courses, each built around a specific transferable skill-set and available to buy individually, or accessed via a personalised academy site which we can build on request.
  2. Blended-Learning Programmes: Our multi-course programmes combine the flexibility of our online training with tutor-supported workshops and learning assignments. Over 20 to 30 weeks these courses are designed to fit comfortably around work and home life. Once their work has been evaluated and passed, students are awarded an internationally recognised university certificate.
  3. Bespoke Solutions: Whether it’s online training, blended learning, face-to-face workshops, training the trainer, or simple guidance on creating your own learning & development strategy, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

FieldStar Network are the sole authorised providers of our training content worldwide.

To learn more download our programme guide (L4 Field Sales Programme | L4 In-store Merchandising) or contact us for more information.

We have developed a highly-participative training methodology centred on work-based learning, which students can put to practical use in the work place, so that the right behaviours are embedded fast. FieldStar training conforms to 5 fundamental learning principles:

  1. Learning must be of immediate practical value – Unlike ‘general’ sales training courses, all of our training has been specifically created for field sales professionals. Students can directly relate to what they learn and are able to easily apply the concepts to their day-to-day work. This improves learning engagement and enables ‘quick wins’ that help to deliver a rapid return on training investment.
  2. Effective learning must actively involve the whole person – Your preferred way of learning is unique. Our training includes and array of resources, activities, assignments and techniques to get students engaged with what they’re learning.
  3. Learning is a journey, not a series of events – Learning is most effective when it is put into practice immediately, which is why we make learning bite-sized. FieldStar Students reflect on what they have learned and apply it practically before moving on.
  4. People learn better when they have control – We all learn at a different pace and making everyone cover the same content in the same time frame just doesn’t work.
  5. Motivated people learn more – Self-motivation is vital to any distance learning. Here’s what we do to help: We help students understand that if they approach it right, learning can be fun; we demonstrate how learning can help them reach their goals; we use university tutors (not computers) to assess the students work and provide helpful, motivational feedback.

To learn more download our programme guide (L4 Field Sales Programme | L4 In-store Merchandising) or contact us for more information.