Ensuring that the right skills are not just learned, but applied effectively, is vital. We offer a range of tools to embed right behaviours and form good habits.

The assessment and University accreditation that forms part of the FieldStar learning journey can make a critical difference to the performance of your field sales team. At FieldStar we understand the importance of learning by doing. Work based practical learning is a key component of our programmes, and ensures that students take what they learn and apply it in the real world. Assessment and feedback from our moderators (all experienced sales leaders) helps to ensure that vital messages are absorbed and applied correctly, and that mistakes are acknowledged, learned from and are quickly corrected. Because many of our programmes are modular, our students learn to be fully effective step-by-step and master vital skills in sequence.
We recognise that the day-to-day practical challenges for the field sales management teams often lie in finding the quality time necessary to review and build sales skills. On one side, managers commonly recognise that their fundamental role is to develop and grow their teams. On the other, the day to day demands of running the business often stand in the way. Whether you need additional tactical support building the skills of your team in the field, need to develop the coaching and leadership skills of your Field Management team, or need to test and refine your in-field development processes, our team of highly experienced senior sales leaders can help.
A FieldStar mantra is that learning is a journey, not an event. We encourage all of our students to keep growing, and offer a wealth of free resources to help them continue to develop. We are committed to raising the professional standards of the field sales profession and work closely with the Association of Professional Sales to support that mutual aim. As leader the APS’ field sales community, Group Operations Director Steve Radford is at the forefront of developing new and improving resources for sales professionals and their continuous professional development. To learn more about how FieldStar can help you, contact us today for a commitment-free discussion.