What we did:

Warburtons – the UK’s largest bakery brand – recognise how important the performance of their people is to their continued success.

Starting with a team of Area Managers, Warburtons trusted FieldStar experts to deliver a 20-week work-based learning programme which allowed everyone, regardless of past experience, to learn flexibly, using the work place to refine their skills.

Everyone successfully completed the programme with an internationally recognised university certificate. Warburtons found that the programme increased motivation, performance and return on investment.

What they said:

We’re already starting to see a return on investment from the team having completed the course. I’m certain that there will be more long-term benefits.
Stuart Gillis, Channel Manager
Not only will we end up with better line managers and more capable leaders in the business, we’ll also benefit by having better and more skilful sales teams.
Mark Jones, Sales Development Controller