What we did:

Channel Assist is one of the UK’s leading Field Marketing companies, with teams representing leading brands across a range of sectors.

Channel Assist’s sales-led approach, and a strong belief that great people with the right behaviours make the difference, make FieldStar the perfect partner to ensure their teams receive the very best field sales skill development.

We are always able to tailor our approach to the unique needs of Channel Assist’s individual teams, from university accredited programmes and large scale events for permanent and strategic teams, to accelerated programmes for more tactical initiatives.

What they said:

Channel Assist have partnered with FieldStar for over 4 years delivering a continued evolution of sales training based on our business needs across the organisation. FieldStar learning has become the mantra when on-boarding and developing any of our people with a wide variety of courses developed in conjunction with Steve who has extensive knowledge of the field sales industry. The team are diligent in designing training that is conducive to learning in a fun and engaging way.

Working with Steve and team who share our progressive approach to training has seen a demonstrable increase in sales-out for supported teams, our ultimate measure of effective learning.

Alain Brissimitzakis, Channel Assist Commercial Director